Free Training for Unemployed

An unemployed person who is interested to become a HGV driver does not need to worry. There are different options for free training available for unemployed people. Availing such options does not mean acquring just free of cost training, but in some cases they lead to a job as well. This is because there is a great shortage of HGV drivers, and that is directly effecting the economy. There are different ways of acquring free HGV training.

Methods of Free HGV Training for Unemployed People

Government Grants

Grants can be called those types of loans that one does not need to pay back. There are many reasons why organizations give out grants, but usually financial assistance is the major reason behind it. In some cases, organizations give out grants that are affiliated with a sure employment.

Now a days, different types of grants are available. Some of these grants are smaller which partly pay for the training courses while some of grants will cover the whole cost especially if the training course is a short one. In many cases, the grants cover the entire cost of the HGV training courses for unemployed people. Such grants can easily be searched on the internet, and they offer something for everyone.

The HGV training centers are the excellent places to look for these grants. They are funded by the government and other organization to encourage people to apply for HGV training. Other than that, internet is a great source to look for various types of grants and all the procedures and paperwork related to them. In case, a person is really serious to avail such options then he will have to be very serious while applying for them. It is much better if the person wastes no time because some of these grants are given on first come first serve basis. Make sure to check out our detailed article on government grants.

Work Training

Another good possibility for unemployed people to get free HGV training is the option of work training. These are the types of training in which a company will employ that person and give him free training before his actual job begins. Therefore, the company provides him complete free HGV training. The person will have to sign an agreement with that company which will bound him to work for that company for a period of a few years after he successfully completes the free of cost HGV training. If a person decides to leave that company before the signed time period ends, he will either have to pay back the cost of free HGV training or he will be legally prevented to work for another company. Therefore, one must keep in mind all terms and conditions while signing a contract with a HGV company to get free HGV training.

The option of work training is not just a wonderful option to get free of cost HGV training in order to earn a living, but it is also a surety for a job once the candidate completes his training. There are many unemployed people who spend months to look for a job, but they end up enrolling in a free HGV training program to end the frustrating and troublesome time period of their life.

Shrops Show Scholarship

The organizer of the Shropshire Truck Show is Independent Events Management (IEM). They offer one scholarship for a lucky person to have HGV Class 2 training; the entire cost of the HGV training is paid by them. IEM decided to start this scholarship program when they thought it is the time to put back into the industry. The HGV Class 2 training is usually 4 to 6 days in length. In some cases, IEM also offers Class 1 training which is 3 to 5 days in length. It is offered depending on the candidate’s experience. The basic criteria for Shrops Show scholarship is:

  • The candidate should be 21 years of age.
  • He should hold a driving license.
  • He should have a good driving record.

The candidate will have to write a CV along with cover letter to IEM describing in detail why he wants to be a HGV driver.

Free training at Mardford Center

Free training is provided at Mardford Centre, Marsh Barton. This training includes two nationally recognized qualifications.
In addition to this, one may also select one of the following:

  • Construction health and safety CSCS card
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Fork truck training
  • Driver CPC card (35 hours)
  • £50.00 voucher for clothes, boots, PPE, tools etc

For this training, the candidate must have good English and Maths skills; however, the required level of these skills will be taught during the free training at Mardford Center. It also depends on the candidate that how much he can achieve through hard work and devotion. Therefore, it is better if the candidate shows enthusiasm for free HGV training in his CV and cover letter. Moreover, the assesment will decide what level of training is required to the candidate.

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  1. I’ve recently been layed off and im looking for some funding to do my hgv cours class 1 in or around Newcastle upon Tyne.

  2. Trying to get back into work and looking at getting my class c or c1 licence there’s plenty of work available let but no training cost available for me. I’ve spent a fortune on phone bills calling around for funding even offering to pay part of the coarse in exchange for help to gain these licences

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