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Are There Grants Available?

HGV (heavy goods vehicle) training is a great way to advance your career, giving you a wide range of employment opportunities all across the EU. Training for your HGV certification, however, can be expensive. Grants for heavy goods vehicle training are not only a great way to put a big dent in the cost of your training, but they’re easier to obtain than many people realize. There are also many more types of grants available than there were just a few years ago.

What is a Grant?

Simply put, a grant is money given for a specific reason which you do not have to pay back. There is no interest, no payments, nothing – the money is yours. Often, the agency granting you the money will give it directly to your school, while in other cases you will receive the money.

Grants are given out for various reasons. Financial need is definitely one of these reasons, but it’s not the only one. Certain life situations, such as being a single mother or being over the age of fifty-five, give you access to specialized grants. Certain occupations have their own grants as well – there are several organizations dedicated to grants for transportation careers.

Grants typically do not cover all of your tuition expenses. This is why experts encourage students to apply for as many grants as they qualify for. Some have even paid their entire way through school this way. You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain.

How to Apply

Your school will have excellent resources regarding grants for HGV training. They may also have information regarding many different grants which aren’t widely known. You can apply for many of these grants directly through your school.

Other grants require that you apply directly through the company or issuing organization. In either case, you’ll most likely be required to provide your income and other key details about yourself. If you are still living at home, your household income will be taken into consideration as well.

Apply as early as possible for grants, since many are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. Get ahead of the competition and begin applying as soon as you’ve decided on a school for your HGV training.

Why Grants?

Grants are superior to loans in two main ways. They do not have to be paid back, and they don’t accrue any interest. These are crucial points, as many people go into debt attempting to pay back their student loans.

While grants are typically smaller than loans, you can apply for many grants without ever worrying about payments. When you graduate you’ll be free and clear, without any looming deadlines or interest to worry about.

Even if you find that you can’t obtain grants to cover your entire tuition, don’t worry. Many students combine grants with loans in order to take out a smaller loan in the first place. Obtaining Grants for HGV Training takes a bit of dedication, but if you’re set on a career path, they’re a wonderful way to get you where you want to go.

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  1. hi there all,
    i am soon to turn 31 in December and having just passed my car test in may i am keen to do the HGV licence, i have been unemployed since December 2017 and am desperate to follow my family tradition of becoming a HGV driver. I can get no funds from family or friends as they are either unemployed or retired. if anyone out there knows of anyone that can help please get in touch thank you

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  3. I’m 55 and i like to do class 2 training I am currently unemployed and looking for training with a grant is there anything available.

  4. Hi im not working at the moment im really interested in doing my hgv. I was wondering if you know of any training schools that do funding.


  5. How do I apply for a grant to do lgv driving iv completed my theor and hazard and got medical and lgv provisonal how do I apply for a grant.