HGV Training Prices

Training in Birmingham

Interested in HGV/LGV Training in Birmingham? HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) Training is highly important in equipping professional drivers with the knowledge and skills they need to safely drive trucks and lorries. Now called LGV (Large Goods Vehicles) training, these programmes make certain that drivers understand and conform to road rules, and that they use safe practices. All of these is to help candidates pass the driving test conducted by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA and speed them on their way to a successful career.

There are four types of HGV training to choose from based on the different licences. Category C training is for driving vehicles that weigh at least 3,500 kg and which may tow a trailer with a maximum weight of 750 kg. Drivers who have earned their Category C licence can apply for the Category C+E licence which is for trailers that weigh more than 750 kg. Category C1 training, meanwhile, is for driving vehicles with a minimum weight of 3,500 kg and a maximum weight of 7,500 kg, and which may have a trailer not more than 750 kg in weight. Drivers with a Category C1 licence can apply for the Category C1+E licence to tow trailers that weigh more than 750 kg, but the vehicle and the trailer together should weigh less than 12,000 kg.

These are some of the HGV or LGV training courses for Birmingham:

1.  J Coates

Website: http://jcoates.co.uk/

Course Cost

5 Days 5 Days

Medical exam, Theory test, Driving Assessment£180.00
Category C£1,195.00
Category C+E£1,195.00
CPC Module 2 Test£24.00
CPC Module 4 Training (4 hours) and Test (Practical demonstration)£295.00

Since 1970, J Coates has been preparing drivers to confidently embark on their profession. A company that has grown and established several locations, their training programmes are extensive covering HGV/ LGV, PCV, Driver CPC, HIAB and Forklift Truck Operators as well as others.

2.  Central Transport Training

Website: www.centraltransporttraining.co.uk

Course Cost:

Category C or C1Medical exam£40.00
DSA Module 1a & 1b Theory Test£50.00
5 Days Training£695.00
DSA Module 3 Weekday Driving Test Fee£115.00
DSA Module 2 Driver CPC Case Studies£30.00
Module 4 Driver CPC One Day Course & Test Day Vehicle Hire£190.00
DSA Module 4 Driver CPC Practical Exam Fee£55.00
Category C+E5 Days Training£695.00 or £845.00
DSA Module 3 Weekday Driving Test Fee£115.00

Central Transport Training has over 20 years of experience in offering training and development. They have DSA Approved Driving Instructors and their courses include Driver CPC, Category B+E, HGV/ LGV, HIAB, ADR and PCV Training.

3. A1 Training Services

Website: http://a1traininggroup.co.uk/

Course Cost: Contact the company for prices and details.

A1 Training Services provides excellent training programmes that are flexible and meet the needs of driving candidates and businesses. They specialise in HGV/ LGV, Forklift, Category B and E, Paramedic, Driver CPC, and HIAB training courses.

4. CRH Transport Training

Website: www.crhtraining.co.uk

Course Cost: Contact the company for prices and details.

CRH Transport Training is the trusted partner of many businesses when it comes to training professional drivers as they have comprehensive programmes, fully equipped classrooms, vehicles and qualified instructors. They have training courses in Driver CPC, HGV or LGV, Category B and E, and ADR.

5. Black Country Driver Training

Website: www.transporttrainingbirmingham.co.uk

Course Cost: Contact the company for prices and details.

Black Country Driver Training has been giving top quality personalised training courses in the West Midlands area for several years using modern vehicles and under the supervision of DSA registered instructors. Their programmes focus on Category B and E, PCV and HGV or LGV.