HGV Training Prices

Training in Bristol

Interested in HGV/LGV Trainining in Bristol? With the current shortage of truck drivers in the transport industry, there is a great need for candidates with the right skills and attitude to take on driving jobs. However, anyone who would like a career as a professional truck or lorry driver will first need Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) or Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) training. These training courses will equip candidates with the knowledge and competencies they need to pass the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA driving test and become trusted drivers.

Candidates can select from either a Category C, C+E, C1 or C1+E licence. The Category C licence allows you to drive vehicles weighing at least 3,500 kg and with or without a trailer weighing not more than 750 kg. The Category C licence is a requirement when applying for the Category C+E licence which allow trailers weighing more than 750 kg. Meanwhile, the Category C1 licence lets you drive vehicles with a minimum weight of 3,500 kg and a maximum weight of 7,500 kg. These vehicles may have a trailer as long as it weighs less than 750 kg. The Category C1 licence is also a requirement to apply for the Category C1+E licence, which permits the driving of C1 vehicles with a trailer over 750 kg in weight, provided that the vehicle and trailer only reach 12,000 kg at most.

These are some of the HGV or LGV training providers in Bristol:

1. Dynamic LGV Driver Training Ltd.

Website: http://www.training4lgv.co.uk/

Course Cost:

LGV Driver Training – Category LGV C (Rigid / HGV Class 2)  *Price INCLUDES DSA Practical Test Fee4 Days (20 hours)£965.00
LGV Driver Training – Category LGV C+E (Artic / HGV Class 1) *Price INCLUDES DSA Practical Test Fee4 Days (20 hours)£995.00
Initial Driver CPC Module 4 *Price INCLUDES DSA Practical Test Fee£195.00

Dynamic LGV Driver Training, located in Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare, offers training programmes meant to help candidates not only pass their driving test but become proficient and responsible driving professionals. Their programmes cover HGV or LGV Training, Driver CPC Training, and Digital Tachograph.

2. Scania

Website: http://www.scania.co.uk/

Course Cost:

Category C Training5 Days£999 + VAT
Category C+E Training5 Days£999 + VAT
DVSA Test Fee£115

Scania is a major supplier of products and services in the transport industry and they also provide driver training courses. Their top quality training programmes from qualified instructors include Category C, C+E, B+E, and Driver CPC.

3. Truck School

Website: https://www.truckschool.org.uk/

Course Cost:

Medical examination£58.00
DVSA Theory Test for LGV Drivers (Part 1)£26.00
DVSA Hazard Perception Test (Part 1)£11.00
DVSA Case Studies Test (Part 2)£24.00
DVSA Practical CPC (Part 4)£55.00
Daily training one to one (Class 1 or 2)£250.00
Daily training two to one£150.00
Five day training one to one (Class 1 or 2)£1000 + VAT
Five day training two to one£750.00
New Driver Class 2 Including Mod 4 CPC£1125 + VAT
Practical Driver CPC training£100.00
DVSA Practical Test£150.00
Complete one-to-one course package£1500.00
Complete Two to one course package£1200.00

Truck School, based in the south of Bristol, is a provider of personalised and flexible driving training courses from friendly and experienced DVSA registered instructors. They specialise in HGV or LGV Training and Driver CPC.

4. Trans Plant Mastertrain

Website: http://transplantmastertrain.co.uk/

Course Cost:

LGV Category C (class 2) Training£912.00 (including VAT)
LGV Category C+E (class 1) Training£912.00 (including VAT)
LGV Category C1 (class 3) Training£930.00 (including VAT)
LGV CPC Initial Module 4 Training£216.00 (including VAT)
LGV Theory Test Fee£26.00 (including VAT)
LGV Hazard Perception Test Fee£11.00 (including VAT)
LGV CPC Initial Module 2£23.00 (including VAT)
LGV CPC Initial Module 4£55.00 (including VAT)

Trans Plant Mastertrain has been equipping candidates to become successful professional drivers since 1992. With their friendly service, complete training centre and experienced instructors, they have earned the trust of many individuals and businesses. Their training courses focus on HGV or LGV, Car and Trailer (B+E), Forklift, and Driver CPC.

5. PB Driver Training

Website: http://www.pbdrivertraining.co.uk/

Course Cost: Contact the company for prices and details.

PB Driver Training has a team of experts in training and preparing candidates to become driving professionals. They have comprehensive training programmes in HGV or LGV, B+E, Driver CPC, and ADR, as well as Mechanical Handling and Operator CPC.