HGV Training Prices

Training in Essex

Interested in HGV/LGV Training in Essex? For those who wish to become professional truck drivers, training in handling a heavy goods vehicle or an HGV is necessary. Although HGVs are now called LGVs or large goods vehicles, the licence and training required is mainly the same. An aspiring truck or lorry driver can apply for either a Category C, Category C+E, Category C1 or Category C1+E licence. The Category C licence is for vehicles with a minimum weight of 3,500 kg and with or without a trailer that weighs 750kg at most. The Category C+E licence is an upgrade of the Category C licence for trailers more than 750kg in weight. As for the Category C1 licence, it’s for vehicles weighing between 3,500 kg to 7,500 kg, and which may or may not have a trailer with a maximum weight of 750kg. Finally, the Category C1+E licence is for Category C1 vehicles with a trailer weighing more than 750kg and the total weight of the trailer and vehicle can only be up to 12,000kg.

HGV training ensures that candidates have mastered the proper driving techniques, road regulations and safety measures. This also provides candidates with a higher chance of successfully passing their driving theory and practical tests from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA. Aside from the training provider’s modules and the DVLA tests, candidates must also pass a medical examination.

These are some of the HGV or LGV training companies that service Essex:

1. Total Driving (UK) Ltd

Website: www.totaldriving.net

Course Cost:

Medical Exam & Theory Test£175
Category C1 trainingfrom £515
Category C1+E trainingfrom £565
Category C trainingfrom £850
Category C+E trainingfrom £925
Driver CPC Initial Qualification£345*

Total Driving (UK) Ltd, located in Stowmarket, is a driving school offering one to one comprehensive driving instruction to help candidates acquire the knowledge and competencies they need. They specialise in Car, Trailer, Ambulance, Horsebox, HGV/LGV, PCV, Forklift, HIAB and Tracked Vehicle Training courses.

2. The LGV Man

Website: www.thelgvman.com

Course Cost:

Medical Exam£45
Category C training£900
Category C+E training£995

The LGV Man offers extensive one to one training for Category C and Category C+E training. This company can assure you of the best knowledge and skills from an experienced instructor coupled with a friendly approach and an environment conducive to learning.

3. SCF Driver Training

Website: www.scfdrivertraining.co.uk

Course Cost:

Category C training£50 per hourAssuming 20 hours of training = £1000
Category C+E training£55 per hourAssuming 20 hours of training = £1,100

*Exact number of training hours needed may vary depending on the results of their free driving skills assessment

SCF Driver Training was established with the objective of providing excellent personalised training using the best vehicles and in a friendly and flexible environment. They currently offer training programmes for HGV or LGV and Driver CPC.

4. Flair Training

Website: www.flairtraining.co.uk

Course Cost:

Category C training (including the medical exam, theory test, 4 days of training and Digital Tachograph Card & Training)£1299
Category C+E training (2 days fasttrack)£599
Category C+E training (3 days)£799

Flair Training, located in Chelmsford, Essex, provides personalised and flexible driving training programmes from experienced instructors and using modern vehicles. Their focus is mainly on Category C, Category C+E and Driver CPC courses.

5. Supreme Driver Training

Website: www.supremedrivertraining.com

Course Cost:

Category C LGV Course£1095
Category C LGV Course Fast track£1195
Category C+E LGV Course£1095
Category C+E LGV Course Fast track£1195
Driver CPC Practical Demonstration£295

Supreme Driver Training, located in Tillingham, Essex, was established by former LGV drivers who have a combined experience of 30 years in driving. This company offers training programmes in Car Driving, Fleet Training, Trailer Towing, HGV/ LGV and even Instructor Training.