HGV Training Prices

Training in Kent

Interested in HGV/LGV Training in Kent? A career as a truck driver in the transport industry begins with HGV training. Candidates will learn not just the rules of the road, but also best driving practices and safety methods. At the end of the training, they can carefully and competently handle Heavy Goods Vehicles, which by the way have been renamed to LGV or Large Goods Vehicles. With the right skills, knowledge and attitude, they have a greater likelihood of passing the driving test set by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA.

HGV training is categorized according to each licence: C, C+E, C1 and C1+E. Vehicles under Category C have a minimum weight of 3,500 kg and may have a trailer weighing less than 750 kg. Drivers must have a Category C licence to qualify for Category C+E. Vehicles in Category C+E are Category C vehicles which have trailers weighing over 750 kg. Vehicles classified as Category C1 weigh at least 3,500 kg and at most, 7,500 kg, with or without a trailer with a maximum weight of 750 kg. A Category C1 licence is required to apply for the Category C1+E. A Category C1+E vehicle is a Category C1 vehicle which may have a trailer weighing over 750 kg. However, the combined weight of the trailer and the vehicle should not go over 12,000 kg.

Here’s a look at some of the HGV or LGV training providers in Kent:

1. Kent Metro Ltd.

Website: http://www.kentmetroltd.co.uk/

Course Cost:

ONE TO ONE TRAINING£38.00 per hour plus VAT
5 Days Including Test Shared Training (2-1)£740.00 + VAT + Test Fee per person (40 Hours)
Test Fees Monday to Friday£115.00
Test Fees Saturday£141.00
Theory Test Multiple Choice (Module 1)£26.00
Hazard Perception (Module 1)£11.00
Case Studies (Module 2)£23.00
Off Road Practical – Mon – Fri (Module 4)£55.00
Off Road Practical – Saturday (Module 4)£63.00
Off Road vehicle use£120.00 + VAT £24.00 = £144.00 plus test fee

Kent Metro Ltd has been training candidates to become responsible drivers since 1963. With a dedicated training centre, modern fleet of vehicles and trained instructors, their training is consistently one of the best. Their training programmes focus on PCV, HGV/ LGV, FLT, CPC, ADR, and Digital Tachograph.

2. Kent & Medway LGV Training

Website: http://www.kmlgv.co.uk/

Course Cost:

Category C (including DVSA Test Fee)3 1/2 Days£1195.00
Category C+E (including DVSA Test Fee)3 Days£1095.00
Category C1 (including DVSA Test Fee)2 1/2 Days£745.00

Located in Queenborough, Kent, Kent & Medway LGV Training provides top quality training programmes with the use of fully equipped training vehicles, a dedicated training area, and experienced instructors. They specialise in HGV/ LGV Training, PCV Training, B+E Training and CPC.

3. Traindrive

Website: http://www.traindrive.co.uk/

Course Cost:

Category C+E Training£980 + VAT
Category C Training£980 + VAT
DSA test fee for Category C and C+E Training£115
Category C1 Training£760 + vat + DVSA test fee = £1027

Traindrive is a provider of exceptional training services that has been assisting drivers to become professionals for over 25 years. They have training courses in HGV/ LGV Category C, C1 and C+E, PCV Category D and D1, as well Category B+E.

4. A-Class HGV Driving School

Website: http://www.lgv-lessons.com/

Course Cost:

Theory test£35
Hazard perception£15
Five day course£900
Driving test£115
CPC study£30
CPC practical£55

Personalised quality training programmes, modern vehicles and experienced and approachable instructors are what you can expect from A-Class HGV Driving School in Chatham, Kent. Their comprehensive training courses include HGV/ LGV, PCV, FLT, CPC, and B+E.

5. RoadTrain

Website: http://www.roadtrain.co.uk/

Course Cost:

Category Cfrom £995
Category C+Efrom £1295
Theory Test£40.00
Weekday driving tests£115.00

Located in Essex but accessible to Kent, RoadTrain has been training and supporting drivers and transport businesses since it was founded in 1986. They utilise modern training centres and qualified instructors to facilitate training programmes in HGV/ LGV, CPC and Digital Tachograph.