HGV Training Prices

Training in Nottingham

Interested in HGV training in Nottingham? Candidates who would like a future in the transport industry can begin their career as truck and lorry drivers. They will, however, need Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) or Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) training to prepare them for the challenges of this type of career. Training also boosts their confidence; therefore increasing the likelihood of passing the requried driving tests conducted by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA.

HGV or LGV licences are sub-divided into four: Category C, C+E, C1 or C1+E. To drive vehicles with a minimum weight of 3,500 kg with or without a trailer which does not weigh more than 750 kg, you should get a Category C licence. The Category C+E licence is needed if the trailer is over 750 kg. However, you have to receive the Category C licence first as a prerequisite for the Category C+E. In order to drive vehicles weighing at least 3,500 kg and at most 7,500 kg and which may tow a trailer less than 750 kg in weight, a Category C1 licence is necessary. For C1 vehicles with a trailer heavier than 750 kg, drivers must have a Category C1+E licence. This is after he has earned the Category C1 licence and the total weight of the vehicle and trailer should not exceed 12,000 kg.

Here are the training providers that offer their services in Nottingham:

1.  Neil Codd HGV LGV Training

Website: http://neil-codd-training.co.uk/

Course Cost:

Category ‘C’ Training spread over 5 days from£990.00
Category ‘CE’ Training spread over 4 days from£990.00
Module 4£140.00
Ad-hoc hourly rates: Category CI£55.00
Category C, C&E£55.00

*All prices exclude relevant test fees.

Neil Codd HGV LGV Training, based in Nottingham and in business since 1985, supplies quality, affordable, personalised training programmes for aspiring drivers. The company specialises in Category C, C+E and C1 training.

2.  B.Taylor & Sons (Transport Limited)

Website: http://www.btaylors.com/

Course Cost:

LGV CAT C+E Course£1250.00 (all-inclusive including VAT)
LGV CAT C Course£1250.00 (all-inclusive including VAT)
Drivers Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)£67.50 per module, which includes VAT, lesson, testing and upload fees

B.Taylor & Sons (Transport Limited), a family owned and operated transport company, was established in 1974 in Nottinghamshire. They also provide HGV/ LGV Driver training and their courses focus on Category C, Category C+E and Driver CPC.

3.  Rushton Transport Training

Website: http://www.rushtontransporttraining.co.uk/index.php

Course Cost:

Category C – Six day Course£980 + £115 test fee
Category C+E – Five Day Course£910 + £115 test fee

A trusted transport partner of several businesses, Rushton Transport Training equips candidates with the knowledge and skills they need to become proficient in driving. Their programmes concentrate on Category C and Category C+E training.

4.  DST Training Ltd

Website: http://www.dsttraining.co.uk/

Course Cost:

Cat C Training20 hours/ 5 days£1040.00
Cat C+E Training16 hours/ 4 days£920.00
20 hours/ 5 days£1100.00

*not including test fees

DST Training Ltd, located in Derbyshire, is a reliable provider of top quality training for drivers. Their training courses are extensive and include Category B+E, Category C, Category C+E, and Driver CPC training.

5.  S-G Transport Training & Logistics Ltd

Website: https://s-gttl.co.uk

Course Cost:

LGV Category C Training PackageBronze Package (4 days of driver training & Test)£1025.00
LGV Category C+E Training PackageBronze Package (3 days of driver training & Test)£950.00
LGV Category C1 Training PackageBronze Package (3 days of driver training & Test)£1025.00

S-G Transport Training & Logistics Ltd is committed to helping drivers learn the necessary skills and earn their qualifications. They have accommodating and knowledgeable driving instructors as well as comprehensive programmes in Driver CPC, Forklift, ADR, Category B+E, and HGV/ LGV training.