HGV Training Prices

Training in Sheffield

Interested in HGV/LGV training in Sheffield? LGV /HGV Training courses are essential in providing drivers with enough qualifications to drive large commercial vehicles. Each driver training course are targeted for specific types and weight of commercial transportation. Several of them have their own schedules while some offer trainees with personalised time and day.

There are certain requirements for every LGV training course and these include owning a Driver CPC; without one, the company can assist and train you to get a licence. Categories are diverse so that no one can drive a heavy vehicle without having experienced driving fro a lower category. All drivers must be at least 18 years old upon enrollment and must undergo medical examination.

Take a look at some of the Sheffield’s finest driver training providers:

1. Sherburns LGV

Website: www.sherburnslgv.co.uk Sherburns LGV offer great-value LGV/HGV driver training using lowest-priced courses in Sheffield. It is associated with Drivers Direct and Torus Logistical Solutions, national LGV driver agencies, and can recommend trainees if they want to jumpstart to a rewarding career.

  • Category B+E: 12- hour training course costs £35 per hour
  • Category C: 20-hour training course costs £48 per hour
  • Category C+E: 16-20 hour training course costs £52 per hour

Test Fees:

  • LGV Practical Test: £115 (Evenings, Weekends & Bank Holidays £141)
  • Theory Tests: £26
  • Hazard Perception Tests: £11 Additional Services:
  • Medical: £35
  • Theory and Hazard Perception Test preparation: £18
  • CPC Case Studies Module Two preparation: £18
  • 4-hour Module 4 CPC practical demonstration: £40 per hour
  • CPC Information
  • PC Case Studies Test Module 2: £23
  • CPC Practical Test Module 4: £55 (Evenings, Weekends & Bank Holidays £63)

2. Atlas LGV Training

Website: www.atlaslgvtraining.co.uk This company provides professional LGV/HGV training which includes lorry driver training courses. Trainings are supervised by highly-qualified and experienced instructors with training designed for trainees’ individual requirements. Categories:

  • C (Class 2): £55.00 per hr including VAT
  • C+E (Class 1): £55.00 per hr including VAT
  • Weekdays Practical Test: £115.00
  • Weekend and Weekday (Evenings after 4 pm) Practical Test: £141.00

3. TAL Training Ltd.

Website: www.southyorkshiredrivertraining.co.uk Established in 2004, TAL Training Ltd. is offers professional advanced driver training courses within the area of South Yorkshire, UK. It has previously trained many drivers for commercial vehicles including, PCV Driver Training, LGV/HGV Driver Training, Categories B+E, Lorry-mounted crane, Forklift truck, and Driver CPC Training.

Categories include:

C1: Hourly rate – £40.00 + 20% VAT Total: £48.00

C: Hourly rate – £41.67 per hour + 20% VAT Total: £50.00


  • 16 Hours (4 half days): £640.00
  • With VAT: £768.00
  • Weekday Test Fee: £115.00

Total: £883.00


  • 20 Hours (5 half days): £833.00
  • With VAT: £1000.00
  • Weekly Test Fee: £115.00

Total: £1115.00


  • Hourly Rate: £45.00 + 20% VAT = £54.00
  • 16 Hours (4 half days): £720.00
  • With VAT: £864.00
  • Weekly Test Fee: £115.00 Total: £979.00
  • 20 Hours (5 half days): £900.00
  • With VAT: £1080.00 (+VAT)
  • Weekly Test Fee: £115.00

Total: £1,195.00


  • Weekday Re-Test Fee includes 2-hour LGV Training, followed by DSA Practical Test
  • The DSA LGV Test fee for a Saturday is £141.00 (add £26.00 to total price)
  • No additional charge for weekend tuition

4. DST Training

Website: www.dsttraining.co.uk DST Training Ltd specialises in high-quality Vocational Driver Training Courses and has provided qualified drivers for the UK Road Transport Industry since its inception. Courses are offered on hourly basis and depend on the number of training days.

Courses include:

Cat B+E: 20 hours/ 5 days = £1040.00

Cat C: 16 hours/ 4 days = £920.00

Cat C+E:

  • 20 hours/ 5 days = £1100.00 o Test Fees (Correct on 07/11/2014): £115.00
  • LGV Driving Test Weekdays: £141.00
  • LGV Driving Test Saturdays: £141.00
  • LGV Driving Test Evenings (summer only): £28.00
  • LGV Theory Test (MCT): £12.00
  • LGV Hazard Perception Test (HPT): £24.00
  • CPC Case Study Theory Test: £55.00
  • CPC Practical Test Medical Fees ( arranged by company): £35.00

5. B. Taylor & Sons (Transport) Limited

Website: www.btaylors.com The company offers the services of its seasoned instructors and provides you a chance of 90% passing rate. It utilises a dedicated Cat C training module and one on one training that suits your schedule.

LGV CAT C Training Course: All-inclusive £1250.00 (VAT included)